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April 2021

Spring Clean

Fresh ears and clear minds. A collection of overlooked bops rediscovered while clearing out tracks from the back of the closet.

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March 2021

Mezcal Melodies

For warmer days and dryer air, Agave nights and sandy hair.

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February 2021

Love Stoned

If love could sing, here’s how it’d sound. Through the highs and lows, ups and downs.

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January 2021

Vaccine Dreams

Celebrating positivity, reflection, and new beginnings. New year, new energy.

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December 2020

Indie Vol. 1

Dreamy, easy listens to keep your head in the clouds.

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Après Ski

The chillest collection of mountain vibes for pints on the slopes or in the sauna.

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November 2020

The Vibez Right (Haven x the defthands)

A range of nostalgic vibes from the defthands to accompany the launch of their FW20 collection.

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Yuletide Classics

Peace, joy, and a sweater for your eardrums. Meant to make the shortest days of the year feel timeless.

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Haven Jazz Vol. 1

Blue notes and dreamy melodies best enjoyed with a glass of scotch.

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Midnight Merlot

Smooth and serene like a glass of the good stuff.

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October 2020

Haven Lo-Fi Vol. 1

For busy days and quiet nights.

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Dark Magic

Lose yourself and escape reality with these supernatural tracks.

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September 2020

Haven Yacht Rock Vol. 1

Nautical stripes and your dad’s record collection. Soft rock never died. It just went out to sea.

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PRs & PBRs (Haven x JBAC)

Whether you’re cruising a week day 10k or weekend 1k to the bar, the JBAC has you set with this playlist curated to keep you moving while you train.

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Peer Pressure

A selection of smooth grooves and nostalgia hangovers to fuel the fade into fall.

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August 2020

Haven Unplugged Vol. 1

Breathe deep and unwind tonight.

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Haven Reggae Vol. 1

Sandy toes and fresh mangoes.

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All Washed Out

Tangerine sunsets and hazy summer drives.

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July 2020

Songs of Solidarity

A celebration of BIPOC artists in support of education and empathy. Playlist curated and arranged in partnership with It’s Future Time.

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Gelato for Two

A gelato-smooth soundtrack to summer love.

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June 2020

Block Party

Sun in the sky, sun on the speakers.

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May 2020

Into the Sun

A bright range of tracks to prep for the warm weather ahead.

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April 2020

Life from Home

A selection to throw on while you work from home or while you pour a tall glass of wine. Stay healthy out there.

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There is power in shared airwaves.

By curating, connecting, and building community through music, the Haven brand acts as an instrument amplifying that power.

We carry a passion for music as art, an admiration for music culture, and a desire to bring people together through sounds that mean something to us all. Haven is a point of connection and discovery, a musical oasis that extends beyond four walls, harboring listeners on their musical journeys.

With programming as expansive as our own community, premier audio, and a meticulous focus on curation, we invite everyone to listen — discovering new favorites, as well as rediscovering the old — alongside one another.

This is our Haven.

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